International Awards

Première Vision, Paris

- Leather Fashion Smart Creation Prize 2017
Pirarucu Fish from Nova Kaeru was honored with the trophy at the hands of John Malkovich, or the most creative responsible fabric and leather

Asia Pacific Leather Fair, Hong Kong

- Best Exotic Leather 2012
The award recognizes the excellence of the design, originality, innovation and work of pirarucu leather. It was the first time a fish leather won such a prestigious prize.

- Best Natural Material 2019
beLEAF  is made from the Elephant Ear plant which grows freely in tropical forests and may be applied to the production of shoes, bags and what else the designers creativity can produce.

- Best Fashion Leather 2019
The pirarucu developed by Nova Kaeru is one of the exotic leathers that honored Italhide Spa, from Italy, with the 2019 trophy.

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