Nova Kaeru: Innovation, quality and sustainability

Nova Kaeru works with global, ethical, sustainable and innovative products, believing in the balance between nature and people, enabling the true relationship of conscious consumption.


Through its revolutionary "Low Input Vast Effect" (LIVE ™) process - non-polluting and without the use of heavy metals - Nova Kaeru transforms biological materials into long-lasting luxury products that have the unique touch and beauty that only a material of biological origin can acquire.


Recognized as an innovative, sustainable and pioneering company in the field of organic tanning, Nova Kaeru cleverly combines the production of plant and fish (pirarucu) biofabrics, combining a refined aesthetic with total respect for the environment, from the raw material up to the final product.


In 2019, Nova Kaeru launched the beLEAF ™ * technology from the tanning of the elephant ear plant, creating a vegan biotype with characteristics similar to leather. The product received, in that same year, the APFL Award in the category "Best Natural Material".


At Nova Kaeru, all fish skins are processed from food industry waste and regulated by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), by tracking products from suppliers that maintain sanitary standards international and welfare practices, helping to protect fishers / breeders, families and nature.


Pirarucu, known as the "Amazon Giant", is a freshwater fish native to the Brazilian Amazon. Thousands of families in the region have survival linked to their capture and conservation. The use of  it’s skin for the production of leather in a sustainable way by Nova Kaeru contributes to the preservation of the species and the increase of the income of indians and riverside population, guaranteeing a better quality of life for their families and local communities.


Nova Kaeru was twice awarded the Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APFL) in Hong Kong in the categories "Best Exotic Leather" (2012) and "Best Fashion Leather" (2019) with pirarucu skin. The product also received the Leather Fashion Smart Creation Prize at Première Vision 2017, in Paris.

*According to brazilian Law No. 4.888/65, it is not allowed to use the term "leather", even if modified with prefixes or suffixes, for any product that is not obtained exclusively from animal skin.

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