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Rivers, forests, communities. We treasure our products as we treasure life itself.

Exporting to more than 30 countries, Nova Kaeru is a medium-sized company located uphills in the Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil.

Nova Kaeru has been implementing sustainability roadmaps to achieve biodiversity net positive impact over the past 15 years, while powerful global companies are just starting to trace such commitments. We do upon ourselves the continuation of life and wetlands in the tropics as a big part of our success.


The sustainable fishing practice of the Pirarucu have contributed to the increment of 427% of natural’s fish population in the Amazon rivers, over the past 10 years (

At the same time, NK have improved internal processes achieving 100% organic production, ensuring the reutilization and minimal usage of water while reducing our carbon footprint.

Not to mention the development of beLEAF™.

A vegan and organic alternative to animal-originated raw materials.


Nova Kaeru, 15 years.

The first 100% organic tannery in the world.

What We Do




From shoes to handbags, from garments to upholstery. It’s hard to believe the skin of this giant Amazonian fish can provide such soft and resilient material.

After years of investment and research, the skin that used to be discharged as waste (fish is widely used as food) is transformed in a luxurious organic product.

The complete practice of sustainable management is controlled by the Brazilian regulators (IBAMA), helping to sustain and develop communities that fish on regulated farms.

The skin of pirarucu fish is able to build a complete sustainable cycle in the industry, protecting the forests, wildlife and people who depend on them.

The colors, shapes, textures and patterns of materials originated from nature will always be timeless.

And through time, our products acquire the touch and unique beauty that only a biological product can possess.



A true vegan and 100% deforestation-free product, with characteristics similar to animal raw materials.

beLEAF™ is one of the most innovative and eco-friendly material ever created.


Through regenerative agriculture, leaves are collected in sustainable areas and planted together with reforestation farms - all neighboring Nova Kaeru company.


In addition of requiring little of the environment compared to traditional materials, beLEAF™ also eliminates the carbon footprint of its production, by providing O2 to the atmosphere.


In addition, organic wastes are composted and used as soil nutrients, helping to preserve the biome, wildlife and waterways.


We beLEAF™



Nova Kaeru has distribution for Europe , USA and Asia.

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+ 55 21 8005 2759

São Joaquim Road, N/N, Bemposta, Três Rios/RJ - 25840-000

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