We Preserve the Pirarucu Fish

We Preserve te Amazon

We Fight for Life

In a moment of terrible suffering with the burning of the Amazon forest, Nova Kaeru, with all our partners who believe and invest in the preservation of the species of fauna and flora, feel the obligation to work even harder to preserve our greatest treasure.

In the Amazon, over more than 10 years of hard work with our partners and environmental preservation institutes such as Instituto Mamirau√° and InstitutoE, we have managed to reverse pirarucu predatory fishing and transform an endangered species into a fish with a large and wild free population and guaranteed reproduction.

In the past this fish used to be collected only for food and their skin became an ecological waste that was thrown away, causing environmental pollution.

Nowadays, after 10 years of an internationally recognized work, the PIRARUCU is fished following the strictest sustainable fishing standards practices required by IBAMA and international bodies such as CITES.

Each skin is sealed with a number, ensuring that all fish conform to the size, weight and amount released for harvesting that year.

This work has ensured an increase of over 425% over 10 years of fish availability in the Amazon and helps combat deforestation by ilegal mining in this region through the joint work of all communities.

Pirarucu is life, is environmental preservation, is zero deforestation.

We continue to work hard to keep our Amazon a treasure of all humanity.

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